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If you have a game concept but need a design that will take it to the next level and get it noticed on the shelf, we can help. We have 25 plus years in retail design doing packaging and point of sale for many Fortune 500 companies.
Great visual appeal with an interesting skill play to it. 
We really appreciate the time with Alien Acrobats and look forward to seeing more cool games from you in the future!  
Spin Master
Players loved the theme. They thought the aliens were cute and loved the color scheme. Everyone complimented how nice the packaging and prototype looked. It is evident that your husband is a talented designer! The game play was easy to learn and very straightforward. It is familiar enough that players could pick up quickly, yet unique enough that is was interesting. The visual, when lots of aliens are branching off of the tree, was spectacular. Players could not believe how far out they could build.                                                                                                                  Winning Moves Games
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